The Importance of First Aid and Basic Life Support Courses

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First aid or Basic Life Support is critical in many situations in everyday life. Sick or injured people need to be treated right away especially in a life or death situation where every minute counts. The sequences associated with first aid easy, but very often, they are life-saving. It doesn’t take a person with a lot of medical knowledge to carry out effective first aid actions and save someone’s life but many people panic in most emergency situations making them unable to help someone who needs it most. This is where proper first aid training can be beneficial and why many employers require it for their employees.

The First 10 Minutes Are Crucial

First aid procedures are designed to prevent a basic injury from getting much worse. What we do in the first ten minutes after an accident can make a big difference for the injured person and it can mean the difference between life and death in certain instances. First aid treatments can be implemented for people who have heart attacks, strokes, cuts, bleeding, burns, electrocutions, stings, bites, choking and poisoning. Accidents on the road and the workplace can be fatal if first aid procedures aren’t implemented right away.

Benefits of First Aid Courses

Basic first aid and life support courses can instruct people on how to perform CPR or use AED equipment properly. These courses teach people how to react properly in any situation without panicking or freezing up. If a person stops breathing, people nearby should know what to do, especially if paramedics are still minutes away from reaching the scene. Basic first aid and life support courses don’t just teach you how to perform a procedure, but also how to control your emotions so you can be more of a benefit to the injured person.

Basic first aid and life support courses can also be beneficial for helping friends and family or even complete strangers who need our help in the event of an accident or other emergency. Here are two important reasons basic first aid and life support courses are essential:

  • Better confidence: It is essential to reduce any hesitation during an emergency. People who attend basic life support courses will feel secure in their knowledge and they can take the right actions needed to save a life.
  • Constant preparation: After taking the course, people will always be prepared to respond to an emergency situation. People have an instinct to help others and their response will be much more effective if they are well prepared for any emergency situation.

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